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Bovine Harvest

Pre-Harvest Visit
After scheduling a harvest day with us, we will request the opportunity to pay a brief visit to your farm for a quick confirmation of the necessary logistics for processing day.  We want the day of harvest to be a special one where everything goes smoothly and with minimal interruption.  Confirming these items are in place prior to the scheduled date will help us attain that objective.  

Harvest Day

Cows/steers should be contained in an area with easy accessibility for the kill shot. Morning hours are preferred for slaughter, however time can be adjusted with prior agreement.  Please do all possible to keep animals relaxed and as stress-fee to ensure the highest quality product.  

We are a mobile unit that provides custom processing at your location.  Each farm, homestead, and backyard are unique in their own way, however no matter the location we must have your cooperation to provide a few basic essentials to allow us to operate efficiently at the time of processing.  Below is a checklist of the items that we ask that you secure as part of our agreement for slaughter your beef cow:

  • Carcass Mobility - Unlike sheep and goats, the bovine presents the greater challenge of managing for significant weight.  In most cases it is necessary to move the animal after the kill shot to the location where it will be elevated on our mobile truck for skinning and evisceration.  This is beyond the ability of a 'two men and a boy' approach, and it is therefore necessary to secure a means of carrying or dragging the animal to the pre-determined location of our truck.  An ATV, tractor, or vehicle will do the job. The method will be decided on prior to slaughter.  

For more information or to schedule processing, please contact:

Jason Brake - Owner/Operator


Northern Path Meatworks

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