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Yes, it's hard.  The act of slaughter is never easy, and honestly it never should be. We believe that the place where an animal dies is a sacred one, and the act itself should always be conducted with the utmost patience, care, gratitude and reverence for the life that is taken.  As its steward, we owe the animal that.  

The slaughter is conducted on your farm, in the environment where your animal has been stewarded and loved for all of its life.  In this setting, with all of the familiar sights, scents, and sounds the animal knows as home, the act of slaughter is carried out in the most humane, caring manner as possible to avoid any stress or discomfort.  

Our services are aimed at you, the hobby farmer, homesteader, mom, 4H participant, grower of a handful of broiler chickens, or anyone who would rather avoid the stress (to both you and your animal!) of carting, crating, caging, and trailering your livestock to an off-site, unfamiliar place, only to have to drive back again to pick up the finished product.   ​

You’ve put a lot of time, effort and energy into rearing your animal to nourish you and your family.  Let us help bring the process full circle with the final step conducted with convenience and peace of mind at your farm!

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