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We're launched!

Welcome to Northern Path MeatWorks! We're excited to be able to bring to our community a much needed service in the way of livestock slaughter and butchery. This past year has brought to light the fact that there is a significant imbalance between the growing trend of people raising livestock for personal consumption and the very limited number of local options where these animals can be processed (of the limited butcher services available they are now reporting that they are over a year out for harvest date appointments!). The demand for these services far exceeds the available supply.

We aim to fill that need for those looking for a local option, but offer the unique service of on-farm, on-location processing. Our experience has proven to us that keeping the animal on farm, absent the stress of restraining and being carted off to an unfamiliar setting, is the most humane and stress-free method of harvesting.

Let us know if we can be of service to you. Thank you!

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